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A dangerous man on the run…

Wounded and accused of treason, CIA operative JP Blackmon is on the run from his own agency and desperate to clear his name. When he finds out his old partner is dead, he’ll do anything to get to the truth…including using his partner’s widow.

Finds a vulnerable woman looking for answers…
Abby Price wanted nothing more than a family and a safe home. But her late husband kept big secrets from her—secrets that got him killed and has government agents watching her every move. And she’s started fearing for her life. The only man who can help her is a mysterious stranger who suddenly appears out of nowhere. But can she trust him?

Together they discover a passion worth dying for.

As danger stalks them at every turn, unexpected passion flares between JP and Abby. But the last thing either wants or needs is more complications. Romance? No. Way. That would involve trust—something neither is willing to do. But in the end, sharing their deadly secrets is their only hope for survival…their only hope to hold onto the love they’ve just begun to share…

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Length: 250 pages
Release Date: October 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62266-195-4

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In the Arms of a Stranger Cover

“Is JP your real name?”

He smiled, and she realized she hadn’t seen one of his real smiles before. This one lit up his face, made his eyes laugh. There was devilment in the smile. “I don’t know you well enough to tell you that yet.”


The look of him, the timbre of his voice, as if he really would know her well enough to—

Her breath caught. She couldn’t look away. That well?

She wanted to frown, to be outraged. But his eyes… Good heavens, his eyes. Everything about him, from his short dark hair, to his smile, to his broad shoulders, he was all captivating male.

Instead, she laughed. It was a totally unexpected reaction. She’d never reacted to anyone the way she did to JP. If that was his name…

And what came out of her mouth next was a total surprise. “When do you think you will?”

I love romance—novels, movies, television shows. Any subgenre, from contemporary to mystery to paranormal to fantasy. I read my favorite books over and over because I fell in love with the heroes. Same with movies. The romance is mine with the hero. The heroine is as important, of course, and the conflict that keeps them apart, even the danger both face, are what move the plot along. But with no worthy hero—and hot—hero, the romance doesn’t work for me.

When I write, I have to fall in love with my hero. I may not like many of his wrong-headed choices, the mistakes he’s made—and the ones he makes in the novel. My latest love, JP Blackmon from In the Arms of a Stranger, is tough and secretive. He’s consumed with one goal: survival. He’s the worst possible man for Abby Price and he knows it. Despite this, he can’t help how he feels about her, can’t help the admiration, protectiveness and tenderness he feels toward her. Nor can he stop the passion. So, despite knowing how wrong he is to want her, he’s gentle and thoughtful. It’s these actions as well as the passion he feels that make his words and actions romantic.

In my favorite movies, it’s also the hero’s words and actions, and his conflicted emotions, which fuel of the romances I revisit. They form the scenes that keep me watching movies when I should go to bed. And when I watch something for the nth time, they’re what make me wait with great anticipation. I almost wish I didn’t know these scenes were coming up, just so I could have that little rush of surprise and satisfaction all over again. Some scenes in movies stick with me. Here are some examples from five of my favorite romantic movies.

North and South (2004): set in England during the Industrial Revolution, he is actor Richard Armitage, the industrialist North of England. She is Daniela Denby-Hale, playing the daughter of a clergyman from the South who left the Church and has moved north for a tutoring position. This is Victorian England, so there’s a lot of formality. There is only a touch of hands during this miniseries, a definite palpable attraction, but when he proposes to her, she refuses, believing it’s because she saved him from a mob. What’s the most romantic thing he does? He helps her save her brother even after her refusal. And there’s the kiss… You must see the kiss. The most romantic.

Pride and Prejudice (2005): the Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen version. We all know the story, so I won’t rehash it. Didn’t you just *know* he was going to kiss her when they sought shelter from that rain storm? Even though he’s been rejected by Lizzie, Darcy still helps when her sister runs off with the one man he hates. The best scene of all the gorgeous romantic scenes is the end, when they meet in the hazy field at sunrise and he stumbles over his dialogue. I’ve watched this movie countless times. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll watch it again. As soon as I finish this post.

Ghost (1990): some might say that Whoopie Goldberg stole the show. She won an Oscar and if it weren’t for the romance, Ghost would be more than worth watching for her performance alone. But the romance. Ah, the romance. Patrick never gives up trying to connect with Demi. There’s the iconic pottery scene with “Unchained Melody” playing. No one could ever say that “Unchained Melody” isn’t romantic. And Patrick Swayze, bare-chested, seated behind Demi Moore… Well… Then the end, when Patrick’s ghost and Demi connect. Wow!

The Long Hot Summer (1958): I watched this on a late night movie when I was in my teens. Paul Newman as the bad boy to Joanne Woodward’s uptight Southern good girl. Her father pushed this bad boy at her and she resisted, but honestly, who could? For the time, suggestions of sexuality were there. At one point, Paul’s character says something about how if he’d kissed Joanne goodnight, he would have stayed until dawn. In the end, he confesses his darkest secret. And the best? Paul Newman—no matter how old he was. Paul Newman had sex appeal his entire life. That walk, those eyes…

WALL-E (2008): this could also make my list of favorite romantic adventure movies because of the frantic chase scenes and race-for-your-life of it all—if it weren’t for the absolutely romantic WALL-E and his true love, Eva. He is *so* devoted to her—while she ignores him as is her directive. Until she can’t ignore him and will do anything for him. He shows her his collection of movies, and a place where they can watch a sunset. Then there’s the kiss that starts the magical sparkly space dance. Sigh.

Don’t wonderful heroes make you love romance?

Do you have a favorite romantic movie? A romantic hero you fell in love with? What makes him so romantic? Please share! Leave a comment for a chance to win. Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter.

I hope you’ll come along with me on this blog tour and get to know JP Blackmon and Abby Price. You can easily follow along on the tour by checking my Facebook Page. I’ll post the stop of the day there.

Author Picture - Virginia KellyAn RWA Golden Heart® finalist, Virginia Kelly’s first book was published as To the Limit and finaled in several contests such as the Holt Medallion, The Golden Quill and The Aspen Gold.

Virginia has always loved adventure novels, but romance is at the core of her stories—romance with the adrenalin rush of danger. Against the Wind, a full-length novel, and Dancing in the Dark, the prequel novella to In the Arms of a Stranger, are about dangerous men and the adventurous women willing to take a chance on them.

Traveling is a passion that came early in life. Her first airplane ride was a trip over the Andes Mountains in Peru at the ripe old age of two months. Her travels provide the settings for her novels, whether it’s a fictitious Latin American country based on Peru, the country of her birth, or Florida and the American South where she now lives.

A graduate of the University of Alabama with a master’s degree in Library Science, Virginia is an academic librarian. She tries to include a librarian in all of her books as either the heroine or as a minor character. Having taught high school and college, she has a great appreciation for teachers and often uses that as the profession for her heroines.

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